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One of my many UX projects at The Little Market was the Semi-Curated Gift Box flow. I partnered with our e-commerce manager and web developer to conceptualize, design, user test, and develop a solution for customers shopping our spa gift boxes. Once fully realized, we planned to implement this solution across all themed gift boxes in our collection (which number over 100 total).


When one item in the gift box was out of stock, the entire gift box was listed as “out of stock” as well. We wanted to give customers more flexibility in customizing their selection with the products available (i.e. adding one of every product except the towel, or adding eight bath bombs and nothing else).


We landed on a custom system of dropdown menus within the product page, in which the customer could select exactly which products they’d like (and the quantities of each).

If one particular item is out of stock, it is simply not included as an option – and the gift box remains an active SKU.

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