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about nina

For the past 5 years, I have expanded my skills and experience as a multidisciplinary designer.  I am an adept user of advanced technology and tools, while grounded in strong design fundamentals. I attended both the school of Design Media Arts at UCLA and University of Arts, London.   My coursework included design fundamentals such as typography, graphics motion, color, web design, and front-end development.  My proficiency in tools has been recognized by companies like Adobe who profiled me in a promotional video for Adobe XD.

Throughout college, I worked as a Digital Designer for several marketing agencies whose clients included YouTube, E! Entertainment and Stand Up To Cancer.  In parallel, I started my own freelance practice to gain additional experience.  I worked with a range of clients from smaller boutique brands to larger clients.

After college I worked as a Digital Designer at The Little Market, a nonprofit e-commerce company that empowers women in need around the world through sustainable job opportunities. As a high profile organization, The Little Market afforded me an opportunity to work with a wide variety of partner organizations, in addition to gaining valuable corporate experience.  My key responsibilities included reviewing data/analytics to inform and optimize designs, creating daily web assets, redesigning web pages and developing custom shoppable experiences to improve user experience. I designed three marketing emails per week for our listserv of over 140k customers and continually implemented and monitored re-marketing flows. I worked cross-functionally across departments to ideate and execute all digital needs including pitch decks, event collateral, product development, social media and paid media assets, etc.

As I return home to the Bay Area, I am actively exploring job opportunities in digital design and/or user experience in corporations in the technology or consumer sectors.  I’d like to be in a high growth environment where I can contribute and continue to learn and scale.

I hope you enjoy my portfolio. Please feel free to reach out to me via email.

Best, Nina

send me a message and let’s make something great!

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